Tigerwood Decking
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Tigerwood Decking

tigerwood decking
tigerwood decking

Tigerwood also known as Goncalo Alves is an exotic decking wood that is primarily used for flooring, decking, furniture, cabinetry, construction and marine work. Tigerwood decking is a popular choice for homeowners and contractors alike because of its rich brown colors and black tiger like streaks. The Goncalo Alves decking wood is usually known as Zebra wood or Tigerwood. It's a choice for many because:

  • Tigerwood is naturally resistant to rot and decay
  • Tigerwood is naturally resistant to insects
  • Tigerwood is naturally durable

History of Tigerwood

tigerwood deckingThe Goncalo Alves tree is usually found in Brazil. The tree can grow to 100-130 feet tall reaching 36" in diameter. The scientific name for Tigerwood is Astronium Graveolens, and this family produces the Tigerwood family.  In fact, there are 3 different species of Tigerwood; Goncalo Alves which is found in Brazil and the other two species are Coula edulis, and Lovoa trichilioides, and they are both found in Africa. When you hear people talking about Tigerwood, they are most likely referring to the Goncalo Alves decking wood found in Brazil. The Astronium Graveloens trees were known to produce a great source of honey and provide medicinal purposes for the native people of the Amazon. Today, Tigerwood decking is used for creating decks, hardwood floors and more.

Why Tigerwood for decking?

If you don't want to rebuild your deck due to decay, rot, mold or corrosion, Tigerwood is the perfect choice for you. Tigerwood is naturally resistant to decay; it's slip resistant, and highly resistant to insects, and the decking wood is also splinter free. What's great about Tigerwood is that it doesn't need to be treated with any extra preservatives. It's so dense and resistant it can last up to 25 years without any decay. It is also:

  • This wood is Eco-friendly
  • This wood is highly durable
  • This wood is naturally beautiful

Working with Tigerwood

To get the best out of your Tigerwood, you want to make sure that your decking wood is air-dried slowly. Failure to do so may result in warping and checking of the decking wood. That's why it's important to slowly air-dry your Tigerwood.
tigerwood decking
While Tigerwood decking wood is a natural beauty, it is fairly easy to work with. However, irregular grain patterns in the decking wood can present a challenge with certain machine and hand tools. However, if you have the right tools and know what to do, installation of the decking material will be a breeze and you will have a beautiful piece of decking wood. Tigerwood decking wood is known to produce a fine finish.

Important facts on Tigerwood decking wood

Scientific Name:  Astronium Fraxinifolium or Astronium Lecointei
Other names for Tigerwood:  Goncalo Alves, Brazilian Koa, Aderno, Guarita
Region where Tigerwood grows:   Brazil, Africa
Tigerwood Color:  Reddish-Brown with dark brown streaks
Tigerwood Durability:  High- resistant to preservative treatment
Tigerwood Grain:   Interlocked and irregular
Texture of Tigerwood:  Medium
Substitutes for Tigerwood:  Teak, Redwood
Common Tigerwood uses:  Hardwood flooring, decking, furniture, veneers, marine

Call one of our decking specialists to explore your decking options today!

tigerwoodWhether you are building a custom cabinet or a hardwood floor, you can rest assured that our decking experts can provide you with all the information you need about Tigerwood decking. We have a wide selection of Tigerwood decking materials and a wide variety of natural, composite and plastic decking wood to meet your needs. 

Give one of our decking specialists a call to discover what type of decking wood is right for your personal style.

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