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Redwood Decking & Lumber Information

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Information on Redwood Decking & Lumber

Known as the largest tree on the planet, Redwoods provides awe and mystery to those who encounter them. With an average diameter of up to twenty feet and height of up to 370 feet, it is no wonder.

redwood deckingIt is estimated that Redwood forests were part of the earth when the dinosaurs roamed. Redwood trees were quite abundant-found all around the world; however, now they are located mostly in Northern California and a remote part of China. Although these magnificent Redwood trees can grow anywhere, they will not achieve their true stature without the fog and temperature of the coast.

How Redwood Lumber Makes Optimal Decking

If there is one thing besides its statue that stands out among the Redwoods, it is the ability for its survival. The Redwood tree's intricate ability to survive is unlike any other. The bark on the lumber is extremely long think-sometimes measuring up to a foot. This thick coating creates a barrier against fire, something like a heat shield.

Not only are Redwood trees naturally protected against fire, they are also resistant to tree pests. Termites and ants find the taste of the lumber distasteful. In fact, it may even be poisonous. This makes it extremely useful for a variety of home and outdoor lumber products.

Redwoods are also very water resistant, which means that rotting lumber is extremely uncommon.

Awe and Inspiration from Redwood Lumber

redwood deckingBesides the natural ability of the Redwood to protect against rot, fire and pests, the lumber also has the amazing ability to clone and reproduce unlike any other type of lumber.

If something happens that a Redwood is knocked over, this unconventional lumber will continue to grow from its limbs. The undisturbed limbs of the fallen lumber will turn into trees. Often when you find rows of Redwoods, this is the cause. What's even more unique, is that the cells from the new trees are exact replicas of the tree that was fallen-they really are clones!

The lumber also grows burls from chemical signals given off by the main source. For example, if a Redwood tree is unhealthy due to lack of rain or a fire and the chemical signals within the lumber begin to lesson, the tree will automatically send out a burl to continue life. These burls have the capacity to become a full size tree.

Current Living Species of Redwood Lumber

There are currently only three species living of Redwood lumber. They include:

Dawn Redwood
Sierra Redwood
Coastal Redwood

The Metasequoia or Dawn Redwood was first discovered in 1941 as a fossil in China. Later, living specimens were found during World War II. This type of lumber is different than the other two, in that it is a deciduous rather than evergreen tree.

All types of Redwood lumber are fast growers. In fact, in 108 years, one tree was recorded as growing seven feet in diameter. It is also reported that fifty to one hundred thousand board feet per acre occur during the second growth.

From Ancient Travelers to Today's Vacationers, Redwood Lumber Attracts Many

redwood deckingFor thousands of years travelers have visited the homes of Redwood trees to experience their strength, longevity and statute. Redwood trees are an inspiration and majestic image for all to experience. Through their durability and beauty, Redwood lumber trees provide inspiration whether you the lumber in the forest or in your home.

When it comes to choosing a wood for your next decking lumber project, Redwood is an ideal choice.  Whether you want to use Redwood or another type of decking lumber for your next decking lumber project, we can help.  At Austin Wholesale Decking supply we have a wide selection of natural, exotic, plastic and composite decking lumber for you to choose from.  

Call one of our lumber experts today to explore your options.

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