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NewTechWood Composite Decking

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Discover all you need to know about Newtechwood decking for your next outdoor project!

When you want a high quality, low cost decking wood, Newtechwood decking wood is the solution. Newtechwood plastic composite decking wood is composed of a mixture of wood fibers, polymers and additives. This unique blend allows Newtechwood decking to be one of the most readily available WPC’s on the market today. Many people prefer Newtechwood decking wood as their wood plastic composite decking of choice because it:

  • It’s durable
  • It’s chemical resistant
  • It’s water resistant
  • It’s UV resistant *

FAQ’s about Newtechwood decking

When you want a wood that is high quality and low-cost, NewTechWood decking wood is the perfect choice for you. To help you get a better understanding of Newtech decking wood, we answered a few frequently asked question to help you with the decision making process. Here are a few facts you need to know about Newtech decking wood.

Q. What is NewTechWood composite decking?
A. Newtechwood is a WPC decking wood composed of polymers, fibers and additives, which make it a great alternative for real wood. It’s permanently colored, it splinter resistant and is safe from insects.

Q. What kind of decking projects can I build with Newtechwood ?
A. When it comes to Newtech decking wood the possibilities are limitless. You can build virtually anything; picnic tables, waste baskets, outside decks, fencing, siding and more.

Q. What size and length does Newtech decking wood come in?
NewTech decking wood is available in 10, 12, 16, and 18th lengths. We also have special order lengths of 20’ available. One of our most popular lengths is the 5/4 deck board with the new hidden fastener system providing a clean finish with no nails or screws.

Q. Is Newtechwood high maintenance?
A. Not at all! Newtechwood naturally sheds water so it will never need water proofing, painting, staining and it will never rot or decay.

Q.  What colors are available with Newtechwood decking?
A. Newtechwood is available in the following colors: Beige, Brown, Rose, Gray, and Walnut & Mahogany.

Q.  How strong is Newtechwood?
A.  NewTechWood has a proprietary blend of plastic and cellulose fibers that allows it to be one of the most durable WPC decking woods on the market when compared to other decking wood brands.

Q.  What would happen if chemicals or gasoline is spilled on the Newtechwood?
A. Since Newtechwood is produced with a non-chemical reactive polymer, it is imperative that you remove any spills from gasoline or chemicals immediately to prevent staining of your decking wood.

Q.  Will it be too hot to walk on Newtechwood when the sun is shining bright ?
A.  Depending on the color of your Newtechwood, it can be anywhere from 10-20 degrees higher than the regular temperature. It’s not recommended walking barefoot on your Newtechwood deck if your temperature is over 90 degrees.

Q.  Will  unlimited exposure to the sun cause Newtech to fade?
A.Newtech is equipped with UV inhibitors to reduce color fading caused by sun exposure. Depending on how long you have your newtechwood, you may see a slight change in color. However, the decking wood will retain its lighter shade throughout its lifetime.

Call Austin Wholesale Decking Supply to find out more about Newtechwood decking wood today!

When it comes to choosing your decking wood, you want to make sure you are choosing the one that is right for you. At Austin Wholesale Decking Supply, we have Newtechwood in a wide variety of colors as well as other popular woods.  Whether you are building an outside deck, gazebo or patio, you can rest assured that Austin Wholesale Decking Supply has  the right kind of decking material for you.

Call one of our decking specialists today to find out more about our Newtechwood and the other decking wood brands we carry.


photo BH-1
Solid Deck Board
With Groove
5.47 X 0.98 inch

(138 X 23mm)
photo BH-2
Voided Deck Board With Groove
5.5 X 0.98 inch

(138 X 23mm)
photo B-7           
Solid Deck Board
5.2 X 0.9 inch

(133 X 23mm)


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