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IPE Decking

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Ipe decking
Decking Ipe
Ipe Decks

Ipe Decking Wood is the preferred choice for many builders and homeowners

When it comes to building an outside deck, the first thing you must decide on which type of wood is perfect for your project. There are many different types of wood; however, many homeowners and contractors prefer to use Ipe wood when they are building decks.

Why do many individuals prefer Ipe wood for decking?

Decks made with Ipe are popular due to the durability and sustainability of the Ipe wood. Most people prefer Ipe wood to build decks due to the following:

• Ipe decks are slip resistant
• Ipe decks have a Class A fire resistant rating
• Ipe decks are resistant to termites, decay, fungi
• Ipe decks can endure strong weather changes and conditions
• Ipe decks can last for nearly 4 decades
• Ipe decks are manageable and easy to maintain
• Ipe decks are resistant to scratches and slivers

Why do so many people prefer to use Ipe for their outdoor decks?

Decking Ipe is so popular that many famous parks and casinos throughout the United States have used Ipe wood to build decks and famous boardwalks. Did you know that The Department of Parks and Recreation in NYC was one of the first departments to use Ipe decking?

The boardwalk on the infamous Coney Island adventure park was made out of Ipe. Others were impressed with the durability and performance of Ipe decking wood, and that resulted in TI Casino and Atlantic City casino building boardwalks with Ipe decking wood. While major casinos and recreation parks prefer to use Ipe for boardwalks and decks, Ipe is also used for other building projects. Many individuals use Ipe decking for the following types of projects:

• Ipe can be used for making hand crafted furniture
• Ibe can be used for building a beautiful gazebo
• Pie can be used for building wood fences
• Ipe can be used for building porches and gazebos

Decking Ipe: How to handle Ipe wood for your outdoor decks

When you work with different types of Decking Ipe wood, it can be somewhat challenging to install the decking wood and build elegant decks. This is why it’s important to know the different types of applications and the ease of installation before choosing Ipe decking wood as your final choice. So here are some tips on how to work with Ipe decking wood to ensure you get the maximum benefits for your outdoor decks.

When you are working with Ipe wood, it is recommended that you use air-dried ipe for outdoor decks, and use kiln dried wood for indoor use. As far as cutting your Ipe, its best if you use carbide saw blades to help protect you from splinters. When it comes to drilling for your outdoor decks, you should use high quality drill bits, and when you need to install the decking Ipe wood the best tools to use are stainless steel screws or hidden fasteners.
At Austin Wholesale Decking, we can assist you with selecting your decking wood!

Whether you want to build a beautiful piece of furniture out of Ipe, or you need to use Ipe for a massive outdoor decking project, our decking specialists will assist you with choosing the perfect type of wood for your project. At Austin Wholesale Lumber, we have Decking Ipe and a wide variety of other natural decking woods to choose from. Call us today and let our decking specialists help you choose the best decking wood to create beautiful outdoor decks.

If you want a wide selection of beautiful and durable wood, then give us a call today!

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