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IPE Decking

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Ipe for Decking - When You Want the Best

When you want the best decking money can buy, nothing compares to Ipe decking. Ipe decking offers elegance and style without sacrificing functionality. In fact, Ipe wood is one of the most beautiful, long-lasting woods on the market today, and it is recognized as one of the finest woods for decking.

Ipe (pronounced EE-pay), is also known by its trade name Pau Lope™ and in America is more commonly called ironwood. The deep, rich, walnut-like tones that Ipe is known for is more reminiscent of hardwoods people utilize for their indoor living spaces. When it is used for decking, Ipe brings warmth and beauty to your outside living spaces, and will last longer than any other wood on the market today.

Many consider Ipe to be the best, most useful and versatile organic building material available. It's resistance to the elements is legendary, and because of its strength and durability for decking Ipe is the premier choice for people who like to have the very best. Because demand is so high, the inventory for Ipe always sells out quickly. Austin Wholesale Decking Supply is a nationwide supplier of Ipe and other quality decking materials, and we are here to help you bring your deck to life.

What Makes Ipe Hardwood Decking So Special?

Long lasting and durable only begin to describe Ipe. Ipe is an amazing hardwood with qualities other building materials simply don't posses. Not only is Ipe naturally resistant to decay, it is one of the hardest woods on the planet.

Ipe wood is harvested from sustainable farms in South and Central America. Ipe is eight times stronger than redwood and three times stronger than cedar, and perfectly suited for decking. It is just as strong and durable as teak, but costs a lot less money. Ipe is also highly resistant to termites and fungus, and is almost impervious to mold. Ipe wood is extremely dense and versatile. Ipe cleans easily, and it doesn't splinter, so you can confidently walk on it in your bare feet. Obviously, for decking Ipe is hard to beat, whether you use it for pool decking or for your barbeque deck.

Even when confronted with more nasty elements, such as fire and water, Ipe holds up extremely well. Ipe is Class A rated fire rated, and holds up to UV light, even in the sunniest of places. Most important of all, Ipe stands up to everyday use, and wear and tear, like none other. Your Ipe decking will not only look good for years, it will withstand any punishment your friends and family can dish out. If you like to entertain around your pool or deck, then decking Ipe style is the way to go.

Best of all, Ipe wood requires very little maintenance. It has become one of the most popular woods for residential decking because of its stellar reputation and long life. If you've ever been to the Atlantic City boardwalk, or Treasure Island in Las Vegas, then you've already walked on genuine Ipe decking. There is a reason that Ipe was used on some of the heavily trafficked walkways in America, and this is the same quality you can bring to your home.

When you consider all of these facts about Ipe, it's hard to believe that it also is one of the most strikingly beautiful hardwoods on the market. While Ipe requires no sealers or treatments because of its density, you can achieve very different looks depending on your personal tastes. Decking Ipe will allow you to either maintain the warm, rick russet tones the product is known for, or if you simply let it weather naturally it will develop a handsome silver patina.

If you want to keep the darker red-brown tones of Ipe, you simply apply a sealer coat to your decking. If you prefer the silver tones, you don't have to do a thing. Your Ipe decking will take on a weathered appearance while still maintaining its tough durability. If you change your mind 10 years down the line, all you have to do is pressure wash your Ipe decking and it will return to its original appearance.

Austin Wholesale Decking Supply is dedicated to providing our customers with the finest Ipe decking material available. If you want the best hardwood for your outdoor living space, then decking Ipe is the most logical solution.

When You're Ready to Build, Decking Ipe Makes Sense

When you compare Ipe deck material to other hardwoods, there is really no comparison. Ipe is rated higher than any other hardwood for hardness, bending strength, and resistance to decay. When you consider the fact that it gets the same fire resistance rating as steel, then you begin to understand why many call it ironwood.

If you are going to go to the trouble of building a deck, than you obviously plan on using it. With Ipe decking you can enjoy the outdoor environment of your home with your family and never have to worry about the quality of what's beneath your feet. Decking Ipe is the standard by which other hardwoods are measured, and it's perfect for anyone who simply wants the best.

For building decking Ipe can't be beat, but it's also perfectly suited for other applications, such as siding, docks, benches, outdoor furniture, playground structures, and anything else your imagination can conjure up.

Whether you're using it for flower boxes or decking Ipe requires that you familiarize yourself with how best to use the wood. Decking Ipe will allow you the freedom to enjoy your deck, with little to no hassle, for over 25 years! In fact, the Atlantic City boardwalk will soon have its 25th birthday, and it shows little sign of wear.

You can have this same durability and beauty for your home by simply giving us a call. Austin Wholesale Decking Supply can help you turn your deck into a work of art. Call and talk to one of our friendly service representatives, and we will answer your Ipe needs.

Our Ipe decking wood is Clear All Heart grade S4S-E4E RL 8-18
5/4 x 4, 5/4 x 6, 1 x 4, 1 x 6

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Click here to request a quote - we offer VERY competitive pricing!

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