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EverGrain decking

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Evergrain decking installation and maintenance guide

Take special care when handling products from Evergrain™. Since they are heavier and more flexible than natural wood.  

Working with Evergrain

The material used for creating Evergrain products easily outperforms traditional wood board items and may be installed using common tools and techniques applied on natural wood boards.    

Advantages of installing Evergrain

  • The decking needs no special tools
  • The decking can be installed with pneumatic tools
  • The decking brings along consistent fastening surface which lacks weak spots or knots
  • The decking works quite well with most fasteners
  • The decking requires the same drills, nails and saws as traditional wood
  • The decking is splinter  free

How to store Evergrain products

evergrain deckingEpoch™ products need be stored on rigid surface only. Make use of supports which are aligned vertically when stacking Epoch products, starting at either end. Space these at 24 inches.

Safe handling of Evergrain decking

The process employed in manufacturing of Evergrain decking leads to decking wood that is more flexible and heavier than traditional decking wood products. Observe sufficient care and do not try lifting or carrying more Evergrain material for decking than is safely possible to handle at a time. It is highly recommended that you wear appropriate attire and protect your eyes for safety measures while working with the decking wood.

The owner or contractor undertaking the installation process of Evergrain is solely responsible for determining the suitability, effectiveness and safety of any Evergrain use or application. Code regulations for building vary and it is ideal to consult local chapters for building and safety in order to secure specific requirements before applying Epoch decking wood products.  

Ease of cutting Evergrain decking

The special design featured by Evergrain eliminates concern over knots, soft spots and grain direction. When working with decking wood products from Epoch, it is recommended to use router bits and saw blades that have carbide tips. To achieve the best results with your decking wood, employ saw blades having two teeth for every inch. In order to avoid clogging during the hole-drilling exercise, remove shavings by withdrawing drill bit from hole at frequent intervals.

How to space decking from Evergrain

evergrain deckingEvergrain decking expands and contracts with changes in temperature at degrees which vary with size of the board. Smaller boards get to expand much less than larger sizes. Observe side-to-side spacing between adjacent boards of 1/8” minimum during installation.

End-to-end spacing between decking boards should approximately be 1/16” for each 20° temperature increment while installing them. This difference should be observed between the installation and anticipated maximum summertime temperature within your area.   

How to fasten Evergrain decking

Decking for Evergrain uses techniques and fasteners which are similar to traditional decking wood products for fencing and decking. It is commendable to utilize hot dipped stainless steel or galvanized nails or screws as this ensures receiving maximum performance from Evergrain materials, together with minimizing rust staining possibilities. Take note that relatively great force is required for driving nails into Epoch™ items. This is because decking Evergrain is formulated more densely than the traditional kind.  
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